In the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning sector there is an important segment, which arranges itself due to its specifics in a highly-qualified range:
...... the automatic control technology.

F+S Automatisierungspartner is a GmbH & Co and it was founded in 2002. Over 20 years experience of the firm founders make us successful. Due to qualified education and long term professional experience of Dipl. Ingenier Lothar Färber, many years branch office leader of the German automatic control company R+S, and Horst Slawitschek, since 12 years managing directors of the company Elektroanlagen Slawitschek, together with qualified co-workers this company successfully goes its way along many satisfied costumers. Because of our surveyable size we reach a high degree of flexibility and reactivity for our customers. That makes us fast, when it comes to urgent changes on projects we process.

Our Company is situated in Suhl, a smaller or medium sized town with about 45.000 residents, in the middle of the Thuringian Forrest. Feel free to visit us anytime. Apart from competent consultation you will meet sincere people, who will be glad to assist you in matters of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems